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House cleaning Edmonton

Along with cold weather, the winter season brings mud and dirt right into our homes and workplace. It may be a little more challenging to keep carpets and floors clean throughout these months, but the following tips will help avoid big messes and keep debris and mud outdoors where they belong:

  1. Invest in two separate doormats at every one of your exterior doors so that you can place one outside and one inside for everyone to step on as soon as they enter your home. A rugged one with bristles is ideal for the outside and a softer mat that is more absorbent is ideal for inside. Doubling up on your doormats will help reduce the amount of dirt that enters a home or a workplace. People will be able to get rid of all the mud on the mat outdoors and proceed by drying off their shoes once they enter, which will help protect your floors and carpets. 
  2. Place signs in and around your office to remind the staff that they must wipe their feet before coming inside. The signs should serve as friendly reminders so that people don’t step inside with dirty winter boots or shoes, which would bring in mud and slush and a lot of other unwanted elements to your carpets and floors. Signs may be a little much at home, but even family members may need a reminder every now and then
  3. Suggest that winter boots get taken off in a designated and comfortable area where staff can put on their indoor shoes. This will prevent slush, mud and dirt from dragging along through the hallways and into all of the different departments. If your staff agrees to this, all of the dirt will remain in one spot and won’t interfere with your carpets and floors, which will remain clean.
  4. Have your carpets professionally cleaned more often because no matter how hard you try, dirt will always make its way through during the winter season. You can’t keep mud out at all times and this will help you maintain the appearance and condition of your carpets and floors. 
  5. Have a mop handy both at home and in the workplace because you never know when you’ll have to reach for it. There will be days where shoes won’t get wiped and wet umbrellas will leave a wet trail, so a mop will be very helpful. Not only will you be able to keep your floors clean, you will eliminate the risk of someone falling and hurting themselves.

Messes often occur throughout the winter season and it’s not always easy to make sure everything is clean. Promet Groups in Edmonton can help with all of your commercial cleaning needs, so contact them today!

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