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Commercial cleaning services Edmonton

Started with homes and now the workplace is going to the dogs! There is a myriad of benefits to having dogs in the office; from reducing employee stress to boosting their morale, promoting a friendly work environment and helping improve communication! As fun and beneficial as having furry friends at the office may be, it can also become quite difficult to keep clean.

Having your office environment be dog-friendly can have you biting off more than you can chew! Fortunately, with Promet Group’s comprehensive office cleaning guide, you’ll be able to maintain the workplace fair more easily.

Establish A Pet Policy

Before even preparing a cleaning schedule for your workplace, it’s imperative to your office’s success and maintenance to establish specific rules. The employees that choose to bring their dogs into the office will have to abide by the rules in order to keep the workplace professional and clean. Have each employee sign off on the policy to ensure they respect and understand these ground rules. Include the following in your pet policy to keep a clean office environment:

  • The dogs must all be properly house-trained to be able to stay at the workplace.
  • Dogs must be up-to-date on all of their vaccinations to stay at the office.
  • The dogs should be friendly, comfortable around people and able to socialize with other dogs and visitors that come into the office.
  • The dogs should not be excessively loud or aggressive and able to accommodate and be calm in a fast-paced workplace without being overwhelmed.

Keep Office Air Clean

Every workplace should have clean and pure air, but it’s especially important that pet-friendly offices have optimal air to ensure their employee’s health. Debris and dust can circulate far more quickly and frequently with dogs in the space and the “wet dog smell” can permeate the air. Consider purchasing a diffuser to ensure proper air circulation and remove pet odours. Diffusers are most sensible than keeping the windows open during chilly winters!

Keep Accident Cleaning Solutions Accessible

Even the most well-trained furry friends have accidents sometimes! It’s essential for yourself and employees to be prepared for when they do. Invest in cleaning materials to handle pet accidents promptly and keep them in an accessible place of the office. A pet accident kit can include the following:

  • Rubber gloves
  • A dog poop shovel
  • Cleaning spray and brush
  • Plastic disposable bags

Replace Worn Pet Accessories

If you notice the dog beds or toys are becoming worn and ragged, replace them promptly to reduce bad odours from developing and bacteria to breed. Replace these items and regularly clean and maintain them to reduce odour and bacteria as well as to keep the office looking clean and well-kept.

Regardless of how efficiently you clean up after office pets, only Promet Groups Inc can provide your workplace with a thorough, deep clean. We’ll ensure your space is clean and healthy for your employees, pets and visitors as soon as they walk through the door. Contact us today for a quote!

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