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Office cleaning services in Edmonton

Purchasing an air purifier for the office is a great idea. Most office buildings don’t have proper ventilation and are more susceptible to trapping unwanted air particles. With the amount of time you spend at the office, it’s important to make sure that the air you’re breathing is clean and pollutant free. 

Air purifiers are there to help you breathe and feel your best. Therefore, it’s important that they’re performing to the best of their ability. That can only happen if the air purifier is cleaned and maintained regularly. Here’s a guide on how to clean your air purifier in five easy steps:

Before You Start

Many air purifiers now have an indicator on the system that will alert you of when a cleaning is needed and for a filter replacement. However, if your system does not have this, it’s best to change the filter every three to six months. Before you get started, make sure your unit is off, unplugged from the wall and ready to go.

1. Clean The Exterior’s Pre-Filters

There are pre-filters on the air purifier which is what removes pollutants and helps the secondary filter work more efficiently. This can be cleaned using a damp cloth, followed by vacuuming away any hair or dust debris. 

2. Remove The Cover Of The Air Filter

The air filter cover is often located on the back of the air purifier. Depending on the model, you may easily remove the air filter’s cover and access the filter’s compartment area. However, older models may require a screwdriver to open the cover. If you’re unable to locate the filter cover, you can refer to your air purifier’s owner’s manual for instructions. 

3. Remove The Air Filter

You will be able to see the condition of the filter upon removing the cover. There may be dust particles or hair debris, and it’s best to have an extra bag on hand to put the dirty filter in. This is important, because removing the filter and having it exposed to the air, will release pollutants into your office. Proceed to remove the filter in a recycling area or if there is glass in the filter, refer to EPA guidelines on proper disposal procedures.

4. Install The New Air Filter

The filters are designed for a one-way airflow application. You can usually look for arrows or slots that indicate the direction of airflow. This may require you to refer to the manual again for specific directions to install the filter correctly. Use a different air filter cover and secure it after you install the new air filter. You may need to screw the cover in again depending on the unit type.

5. Plug It In

Start the purifier back up to see if it was correctly installed and the controls are working. If the machine alerts you of any changes that need to be made, follow said instructions. 

Leave the cleaning to Promet Groups for efficient and convenient cleaning services in Edmonton. We’ll have your office air quality at the highest so you can get back to work! Give us a call today or request a quote online to get started!

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