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Cleaning services in Edmonton

Running a business is a 24/7 commitment, and most of the time, the cleanliness of the office is placed last. In between meetings, business calls, and desk work, workplace areas can develop dust, dirt, stains and more that can affect the office space. These germs can transfer from one desk to another, to the meeting room and kitchen! Therefore, a simple routine cleaning is most likely not sufficient in keeping your business germ free.

How does a deep clean effectively keep your office in top condition? Here are our four facts to consider:

Reduces the Risk of Sickness

Bacteria, dust, and viruses can turn office keyboards, phones, desks and printers into their home. This puts yourself and your employees at risk of developing illness and resulting in time off of work. Poor office hygiene can also dramatically decrease an employee’s motivation to continue their work tasks efficiently. A thorough cleaning of the entire business area, including the bathrooms, breakrooms, kitchen, desk areas, and meeting rooms is crucial to disinfect and prevent future illness. Sanitizing doorknobs, desktops, faucets, and phones daily also helps to reduce the spread of bacteria.

Improves Employee Morale

An unclean, unmaintained office sends a message to employees, and it is not a very good one. The morale of the staff can suffer if they’re subjected to unsanitary work conditions. A study by Harvard Business Review found that happy employees experience 31% higher productivity than those that are unhappy at work. A sanitary and professional office is conducive to a successful business and hardworking employees. A CEBR study also found that 39% of office employees thought that improve office hygiene would improve their level of job satisfaction.

Cost-Effective For the Long Term

Standard, routine cleaning processes are not as thorough as a deep clean and can leave behind dust and bacteria hidden on shelves, cabinets, blinds and other areas. Furniture that is covered with fabric release dust and odours and is often neglected or not cleaned properly during a regular clean up. A high-quality clean from a cleaning service can help to avoid carpets from becoming heavily damaged with stains or ingrained with a carpet steam cleaner. A cleaning service that offers high-pressure washing, sanitizing every aspect of the office, vacuuming and garbage removal are ultimately the most cost-effective, time-saving option.

Environmentally Friendly

Using your available cleaning products for a standard cleaning may be convenient, but can be harming the environment. When you hire a professional cleaning service such as Promet Groups Inc., environmentally-friendly products are being used. Green products are kinder to your business and safer your entire workplace as well. 

For residential, commercial and office cleaning services in Edmonton, Promet Groups Inc. has all of your needs covered. We are passionate about providing an effective, deep clean for every business of home we work on. Our services will save you the wasted time of a standard clean, so you can focus on what really matters!

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